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[08 Jun 2013|10:09am]
My summer's shaping up to be a good one. Ella and I are going to fly back home soon. Well... sort of. Her family's in Nashville, and mine's in North Carolina, so we're flying back together and then spending time with our families. I love my life here in LA but I also love my family to pieces, and I can't wait to hang out with my littlest cousin, who I think is just starting to get into everything. I wonder if I could teach him how to skateboard, and if my auntie would be okay with that. ;)

Also, we're getting busy at the Philharmonic, too. We've teamed up with the Hollywood Bowl AND Josh Groban (that guy is fantastic, man. Not just as a singer. He's freakin' hilarious too) -- we're having a big event on the 4th of July. Concert, fireworks, the whole bit - and it's for more than one day! So if you don't have any other plans, you should come out. Just saying. It'll be awesome.

And of course, between work and spending time with Ella, I plan to surf as much as I can this summer. Yup. It's already beach weather and I love it!
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